TLS Headshots All images $10

First I'd like to say what a great pleasure it was meeting each of you and having the opportunity of making these head shots. The reason I did this was to have all the cast and crew shot on a consistent background, look, and head size for promo and publicity purposes. I've done some light retouch where needed and cropped to 8 X 10.  Keep in mind I spent less than 90 seconds with each of you and my normal actor headshot session runs 2 hours minimum. 

That being said it's very important to me and the production that you look your very best!  I'm going to try and set up an additional shoot for those I missed or were not present, so if you're really not happy with your headshot let me know and I'll see what I can do. Additionally if you'd  like to hire me to create or add images to a portfolio please feel free to contact me at the link above. 

Lastly over the next few weeks I'll be adding some of the other "looks" from the shoot, as well as some B/W versions. And yes you can buy prints and downloads of digital files.  All prints and files include a commercial release. 

Again thanks to everyone and I look forward to working with all of you.

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