Head shot :

On location headshot $165.00 

Each additional person same location $65.00

Studio head shots are the same price. 

All Images are cropped, color corrected, and retouched as needed.

All images are delivered as digital file on either a usb drive, dvd,

or via Dropbox.

All images include one custom print up to 8 X10. 

Additional prints available upon request.

Group shots at the same location $85.00

Actor/Model Headshot : 

Location / Studio $175  per image selected. 

I don’t work on a package basis, as each of my clients have different needs and I prefer to speak with each one in person and discuss the type of shoot their looking for and a budget that works for both of us. I’ve found that the most important aspect of doing actor/model head shots is being able to develop a bit of rapport with the client. If you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer you’ll never get the images you need to get work. That, in the end is what this is all about. Additionally if you don’t have a clear picture of parts/shoots you’re going after, it’s difficult to get the kind of images that a casting director/ad director will pick. Again this is the reason I spend time with each of my perspective clients before we decide to move forward. Making sure you get the images that the casting/ad director chooses, is the foundation of my business.

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